Franzen Construction is a member of the following associations:
  • Midwest Truckers Association
  • LICA (Land Improvement Contractors of America)
  • IADD (Illinois Association of Drainage Districts)
  • ILL.C.C. 168747MC
  • National Demolition Association

Franzen Construction Group, LLC is a private, family owned, construction company specializing in the excavating and demolition business since 1943. Franzen Construction operates in a 100 mile radius of Champaign, Illinois (excluding Indiana).
Franzen Construction's work experience includes the following projects:
  • Co-Ed Project in Champaign, IL
  • Carle Foundation in Champaign, IL
  • Grand Prairie Co-op in Champaign County
  • Scattering Forks in Drainage District in Douglas County
  • Market Place Mall in Champaign, IL
  • and many more